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Sample Program Themes

Far From Home: Artists who have left their homeland for political, familial, or economic reasons.
Latin! Connections
French Favorites
American Treasures
Three Times Two: Sextets and Trios with the Blue Mountain Ensemble and Cascade Wind Quintet

Petty Theft
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Workshops and Residencies

Collaborative Piano Workshop
Chamber Music Coaching
Musicians as Small Business Owners
Talk About It: House Concerts

Related Ensembles & Guests: the Blue Mountain Ensemble offers expanded programs featuring colleagues and other ensembles with which they perform. Recent programs have included:

Eastwind Ensemble: faculty reed ensemble from UNCG
Cascade Wind Quintet
Mallarmé Chamber Players
Radford Faculty Chamber Players: flute, clarinet, guitar, and soprano
Forecast Music
Inara Zandmane, piano
James Douglass, piano
Suzanne Rousso, viola
Taimur Sullivan, saxophone
John Salmon, piano
Robert Trent, guitar
John R. Beck, percussion